HP Delivers World’s First Production-Ready 3D Printing System

“The new HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution delivers a combination of speed, quality, and cost never seen in the industry. Businesses and manufacturers can completely rethink how they design and deliver solutions to their customers.” –Stephen Nigro, president of HP’s 3D printing business.

On May 17, 2016 HP Inc. unveiled the world's first production-ready commercial 3D printing system, sparking a reinvention in design, prototyping and manufacturing. The first commercial 3D printing solution based on an open platform, the HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution will create the highest quality physical parts, produce parts up to 10 times faster, and at half the cost of current 3D print systems.

Unveiled at RAPID, the largest 3D additive manufacturing conference, the HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing solution leverages HP's decades of research and expertise in precision mechanics, microfluidics and materials sciences. By printing functional parts for the first time at the individual voxel level (a voxel is the 3D equivalent of a 2D pixel in traditional printing), HP offers customers an unprecedented ability to transform part properties and deliver mass customization.

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Partner Ecosystem

  • logo_bmw

    “BMW is a pioneer and early adopter of innovative technologies in the field of additive manufacturing, especially for prototyping in concept cars and series-like approval builds. For our future roadmap toward serial part production and personal customization, we see major potential in our partnership with HP to investigate this new kind of 3D printing technology at an early stage. As one of the first partners, we had the chance to see the constant evolution of the machines over time from the first prototype approximately five years ago to the market ready product that is available now,” said Jens Ertel, Head of BMW Group Additive Manufacturing Center.

  • logo_nike

    "At Nike we innovate for the world’s best athletes. We’ve been using 3D printing to create new performance innovations for footwear for the past several years. Now we are excited to partner with HP to accelerate and scale our existing capabilities as we continue to explore new ways to manufacture performance products to help athletes reach their full potential,” said Tom Clarke, President of Innovation at Nike.

  • logo_arkema

    Arkema believes that the future of 3D printing for production parts will be driven by the development of application specific materials,” said Adrien Lapeyre, Technical Polymers Global Market Manager, Arkema. “The HP Multi Jet Fusion Open Platform is a great concept that should accelerate the adoption of 3D printing, which is why Arkema is happy to collaborate with HP to design new materials and uncover new applications which will help our customers realize the full potential of 3D printing.”

  • logo_autodesk

    “Autodesk is excited to collaborate with HP by providing 3D printer-capable software for the company’s first 3D printing system, the HP Multi Jet Fusion,” said Samir Hanna, vice president and general manager of digital manufacturing at Autodesk. “Autodesk, as a leader in 3D design and engineering software, is committed to furthering technologies that expand the horizons for applications of industrial 3D printing. The relationship between our two companies will help advance the entire additive manufacturing industry by providing access to new and innovative hardware and software technology."

  • logo_basf

    “The 3D printing market is still in its early phase and growth will be accelerated by innovation and collaboration across the industry,” said Dietmar Geiser, Senior Manager 3D-Printing Strategy & Planning, BASF New Business GmbH. “With HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, HP has taken a platform approach for materials development that enables this type of industry participation and BASF is pleased to be working with HP to leverage this platform to bring new materials to market.”

  • logo_evonik

    “For customers to realize the full potential of 3D printing, there is a need for new materials which enable new applications and improve quality,” said Dr. Matthias Kottenhahn, Senior Vice President & General Manager, High Performance Polymers, Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH. “HP’s open platform approach for Multi Jet Fusion technology will increase adoption of 3D printing by driving materials innovation and Evonik is pleased to collaborate with HP, leveraging this platform to develop new materials and applications that improve performance and value for the future.”

  • logo_luv

    “Lehmann&Voss&Co is collaborating with HP in the development of new materials and applications for the new HP Multi Jet Fusion solution,” said Marcus Rechberger, Market Development Manager LUVOSINT®, Lehmann&Voss&Co. “By offering its HP Multi Jet Fusion technology as a development platform, HP is enabling the materials innovation that will drive the industry forward and fulfill market needs that have that have limited the 3D printing market expansion in the past."

  • logo_materialise

    “For manufacturers to get the most benefit out of 3D printing, they need tight integration between 3D printing hardware and workflow,” Fried Vancraen, Materialise CEO. “Materialise is helping customers incorporate 3D printing into their existing processes by working with HP to enable optimal integration between Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite and HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology.”

  • logo_protolabs

    “The new technology looks like a truly exciting leap ahead in industrial-grade 3D printing, said Rob Connelly, vice president of Additive Manufacturing, Proto Labs. “We at Proto Labs look forward to collaborating with HP to advance this new platform that could result in significantly higher productivity, improved part quality and lower cost.”

  • logo_siemens

    “3D printing is bringing about an industrial revolution in manufacturing, allowing businesses to realize their creativity and innovation in product development and production, “ said Zvi Feuer, Executive Vice President of Manufacturing Engineering Software, Siemens. “Together, Siemens design/manufacturing software and the new HP Multi Jet Fusion technology will provide customers unprecedented printing control at the voxel-level to transform and achieve even greater potential with 3D printing.”

  • logo_jabil

    “Digital technology is transforming manufacturing processes across the entire product life cycle," said John Dulchinos, Jabil’s VP of Digital Manufacturing. “3D printing is an important pillar in Jabil’s digital strategy and HP’s Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution is the first to deliver the speed and quality necessary to transition 3D printing from a prototyping tool to a manufacturing solution. We look forward to unlocking the true value of additive manufacturing together with HP.”

  • logo_jnj

    “The intersection of technology and health care is spurring innovation that will have a profound impact on patients and consumers all over the world,” said Sandra Peterson, Group Worldwide Chairman for Johnson & Johnson. “Combined with advances in data mining and software, 3D printing could enable distributed manufacturing models and patient-specific products, therapies and solutions that deliver better outcomes, better economics and improved global accessibility. Our collaboration with HP Inc. exemplifies our commitment to harnessing new technology to improve outcomes and reduce costs across the health continuum.”

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